MORIOIRO Enterprise

morio ito
1948.11 born Hokkaido asahigawa city until 11-yearsold, shibetsu city until20-yearsold, after that yamaha hamakita and iwata city

Company Address:
area code:438-0036
428-Oodateno, Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Phone/Fax: 0538-37-0453
Fax: 0538-86-4919

History of Company:
worked with Yamaha-motor snowmobile Engineering development devisionstart 1970.
Retirement Yamaha -motor end of December 1987.
Starting Bussiness 1988.april REMMS Power Sports.
Company name changed to MORIOITO Enterprise.
Still continue Business 2016.
There is no relationship with Yamaha Motor since 1992


Contentof Work Yamaha-motor:
worked for Deveropment Snowmobile 1970 to 1988.

Summer time work for Snowmobile Engine Deveropment Bench Testand etc.
SSR440 ice-oval factory Engine Depelopment Bench Test.1977
SRX340.440 ice-oval factory Engine Development Bench Test. 1976
PZ480 Carburetor Setting to Products Bench Test.
GP292,340,440 RaceEngine BenchTest Suport.
SR292,340,440,650 Factory RaceEngine BenchTest Suport.
oX-23 SSR440 factory machine modification design. (seat,steering,suspension,fueltank mostly weightsdown and reinforce)

WinterTime work for Snowmobile Deveropment snowFieldTest by hokkaido.
GP433 Durability snowfield Test 1972
GPX340,440 Ice Oval course field Test.1974
SR292,340,440 Factory machine Ice Oval course field Test.1973
OX-16 Factory machine 440 Ice Oval course field Test. 1974
OX-18 Factory machine SRX440 Ice Oval course field Test 1975
OX-22 SRX440 Factory machine usa race entory 1976-77
OX-22 SRX440 Independent Front Susp deveropment modify and entoryeagleriver championship race 1977
OX-23 SSR440 Factory machine usa race entory 1977-78
SRV540 field test for Suspension. 1980
SRX440 field test for Clutching and Suspension.1979
PZ480 field test for Clutch and Carburetor. 1983 (primary weightsmade by solid by feild test ,hand cuting by Belt grinder)
EX570 field test for Clutch and Suspension. 1986

Test Driver for Ice-Oval race result. united stateof America
Eagleriver world Champion Ship ice-oval raceSM3-class 7th place. 1977
DaycoHolyday Alexundria ice-oval race SM3-Class 1st place.1977
HartFord ice-oval race SM3-Class 3rd place 1978
Eagleriver world Champion Ship ice-oval race SM3-class 2nd place 1978
Detroit ice-oval race SM3-Class -2nd place. 1978